Friday, December 9, 2011


Goose is a short animation I've produced with the amazing Shai Halfon and Oryan Medina.
As I was responsible for the design, art-direction, modeling and compositing.  I'm adding a concept art sketch of the character design.
Check out the movie and full credits in the vimeo page:


  1. מגניב ביותר הדמות המצלמות והסוף פנטסטי...
    כל הכבוד.

  2. Thanks a lot Guys!
    happy to hear from you :)

  3. Very cool! Very Meinbender'ish which is a huge compliment. Keep it up.

    I'd love to see some more animations with this guy without so much camera noise. Its a fun character!

  4. What render do you use? looks awesome!

  5. This is so brilliant, I can't say it enough. The character design, the look and the performance style is just epic. It's been doing the rounds with my friends and co-workers here and everyone is floored. We await the next test...episode... feature.

  6. Liron- happy to hear from you, cheers!

    GhettoFab- thanks a lot mate!

    Good- this time we used vray.

    Mr.Whiskey-thank you very much, I'm happy you and your'e friends enjoyed our little film.
    we cant wait to the the next one either,
    so stay tuned for more :)

  7. hey Dor,

    to be honest you are a genius,

    Bravo, Excelelnt, Afarin,
    very intrested to know what u used for render?

    with this, you left others speechless

  8. Do you are on Dribbble or Behance?

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  10. Thanks a lot guys!
    I'm really happy to hear that.
    Andy- yeah, I've just joined to behance you can find me here: