Saturday, June 16, 2012

Seven Deadly Sins

A few month ago, My talented friend Veronica lynn harper (owner and founder of suspension lounge) asked me to participate in her awesome art exhebition about the seven deadly sins
.presenting among some awesome artists, It was obvious I was going to do that
:the exhebition presents at San-Diego and Salt-lake
.San Diego, California Exhibit:May 29th 2012
.Salt Lake City, Utah Exhibit: THE GALLIVAN CENTER VIP area: June21st 2012

,After I've published my entry, I got informed I'ts going to be featured at "2d artist magazine"  June Issue
and double-spreaded!

 I'm attaching a link to the "2d artist magazine" gallery section, you can
buy the whole issue at the 2d artist magazine site:
This is the link for the June issue gallery section:

"Please make sure to download it (right click-save link as) and to view it as "double-spread)
:open the View Tab and follow
.(View-Page Display-Two-up Continuous

Stay tuned for more! sadly, I can't show yet a lot of the stuff I'm working on these days.